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Zip Code for Suisun City Ca

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The zip code for Suisun City, CA is 94585. Located in the heart of Solano County, Suisun City, California is a vibrant and growing community.

With a population of over 28,000 residents, this city offers a charming small-town atmosphere while being conveniently close to larger metropolitan areas. The zip code for Suisun City is 94585. Whether you’re a resident or just passing through, this zip code is where you’ll find a variety of businesses, parks, and community services.

From its historic waterfront district to its family-friendly neighborhoods, Suisun City has something for everyone. So if you’re looking for a place to call home or simply planning a visit, remember the zip code 94585 for Suisun City, CA.

Beautiful Scenery And Outdoor Activities

Suisun City, CA, nestled in the heart of Solano County, boasts a multitude of outdoor attractions for nature lovers and adventure seekers. The city’s zip code, 94585, unlocks a world of beautiful scenery and exciting outdoor activities.

When it comes to parks, Suisun City offers a diverse selection. Crystal Bay Park presents stunning views of mountains and majestic vineyards, providing a picturesque backdrop for outdoor picnics and leisurely walks. Sunset Park invites visitors to revel in the beauty of its carefully manicured gardens and serene waterfront.

Suisun Marsh, one of the largest contiguous marshes in the United States, offers an immersive experience in nature. With its vast network of trails, visitors can explore and observe a diverse range of wildlife in their natural habitat.

If you’re looking for more adventure, Grizzly Island Wildlife Area is a must-visit. Spanning over 8,000 acres, it offers opportunities for hiking, fishing, boating, and birdwatching.

Whether you seek relaxation amidst breathtaking landscapes or crave an adrenaline rush through outdoor activities, Suisun City and its zip code, 94585, are a gateway to unforgettable experiences.

Family-Friendly Community

Living in Suisun City, CA offers families a host of benefits. The community is known for its safe neighborhoods and top-rated schools that provide a nurturing environment for children’s development. Families can feel at ease knowing that their children are attending schools that prioritize their education and well-being.

Suisun City also boasts a vibrant community with a wide range of events and festivals throughout the year. These events bring the community together and create a sense of camaraderie among residents. From cultural festivals to outdoor concerts, there is always something exciting happening in Suisun City.

Overall, Suisun City is a family-friendly community that offers a safe and enriching environment for residents. With its excellent schools and engaging community events, it’s no wonder that many families choose to call Suisun City home.

Convenient Location

Located in Solano County, Suisun City California offers a convenient location with easy access to major highways and airports. The city’s proximity to both San Francisco and Sacramento makes it an ideal choice for residents looking for a central location. With the I-80 and I-680 highways nearby, commuting or traveling to neighboring cities is hassle-free.

For those who frequently travel by air, the city is just a short drive away from several airports, including Sacramento International Airport and San Francisco International Airport. This makes it convenient for both business and leisure travelers. Whether you’re heading to the city for work or planning a weekend getaway, Suisun City’s central location provides easy access to a variety of destinations.

Understanding The Zip Code System

Understanding the Zip Code System for Suisun City, CA

Zip codes play a crucial role in organizing and streamlining mail delivery in the United States. This also holds true for Suisun City, CA. Each zip code carries essential information about a specific geographic area, making it easier for postal workers to navigate their deliveries. The zip code system comprises five digits, with an optional four additional digits specifying a more precise location. The first digit reflects a general region, while subsequent digits provide more specific identifiers, ensuring a systematic distribution of mail.

Suisun City, CA falls within the 94585 and 94534 zip code areas. By understanding the zip code system, individuals and businesses can efficiently send and receive mail. Remember, providing the correct zip code helps avoid delays and ensures prompt delivery of packages and letters to Suisun City residents.

Zip CodeArea
94585Suisun City and surrounding regions
94534Suisun City, Fairfield, and nearby areas

Whether you need to send a heartfelt letter or a package to Suisun City, CA, having the right zip code on hand is vital. Ensure you input the accurate zip code to help streamline the delivery process and ensure your correspondence reaches its intended destination without delay.

Zip Code For Suisun City, Ca

Zip Code for Suisun City, CA

Suisun City, located in Solano County, California, has a specific zip code that distinguishes it from surrounding areas. The zip code for Suisun City is 94585. This unique identifier is essential for various purposes, including mail delivery, locating specific addresses and ensuring accurate navigation. By using the correct zip code, individuals can guarantee that their correspondence reaches the intended recipient without any delays or issues. It also facilitates the efficient sorting and distribution of mail by postal workers. Whether you are a resident, business owner, or planning to visit Suisun City, it is important to remember and utilize the specific zip code 94585 to ensure smooth communications and interactions.

Demographics Of Suisun City’S Zip Code

Suisun City, located in California, has a unique zip code that pertains to a specific geographic area. This zip code is home to a diverse population with a variety of demographics. The population size of Suisun City’s zip code has been steadily increasing over the years, indicative of its growing popularity and appeal. The zip code encompasses a mix of different age groups, ethnicities, and income levels, creating a vibrant and dynamic community. With various housing options available, individuals and families from all walks of life can find their place in this zip code. Additionally, the zip code provides access to essential amenities, such as schools, parks, and healthcare facilities, making it an attractive choice for residents. Suisun City’s zip code offers a unique blend of urban conveniences and suburban charm, making it an appealing destination for those looking to settle down in the area.

Housing Market In Suisun City’S Zip Code

The zip code for Suisun City, CA is 94585. The housing market in this zip code is quite diverse with a range of options for both homeowners and renters.

The average home prices in Suisun City’s zip code 94585 can vary depending on the specific neighborhood and the size of the property. As of the latest data, the average home price in this zip code is **$400,000**.

Rental rates in Suisun City’s zip code are also reasonable, making it an attractive option for those looking to rent. The average rental rates for apartments and houses in this zip code range from **$1,500 to $2,000** per month.

When it comes to types of housing available in Suisun City’s zip code, there is a variety of options to choose from. These include single-family homes, condos, townhouses, and apartments. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or a renter, there is something for everyone in this area.

Types of housingDescription
Single-family homesDetached houses suitable for families or individuals.
CondosCompact living spaces with shared amenities.
TownhousesMulti-level homes with shared walls.
ApartmentsRental units within larger complexes.

With its affordable housing options and convenient location, Suisun City’s zip code 94585 offers a great housing market for both buyers and renters alike. Whether you are looking to settle down or invest in property, this zip code has something to offer.

Dining And Entertainment

Suisun City, CA offers a diverse range of dining and entertainment options to satisfy every palate and interest. The city is home to a wide variety of restaurants, cafes, and bars where visitors can indulge in delicious meals, enjoy a cup of coffee, or unwind with a refreshing drink. Whether you’re in the mood for international cuisine or local flavors, there’s something for everyone.When it comes to entertainment, Suisun City has it all. Visitors can catch the latest blockbuster at one of the movie theaters in the area, which offer state-of-the-art screens and comfortable seating. For those who crave live entertainment, there are numerous venues that host live music performances, showcasing talented local and national acts. From intimate jazz clubs to lively music festivals, the city has a vibrant music scene that caters to various tastes.In addition to dining and entertainment, Suisun City also boasts several other attractions and activities for visitors to enjoy. Its picturesque waterfront and parks provide a serene escape, perfect for leisurely walks or picnics. The city’s rich history is reflected through its museums and historic sites, allowing visitors to delve into the past and learn about the area’s heritage.Plan your visit to Suisun City, CA and experience the diverse dining and entertainment options that await you. Whether you’re a food enthusiast or a music lover, the city has something to offer for every visitor to enjoy.

Shopping And Recreation

When it comes to shopping in Suisun City, CA, there are several options available to residents and visitors alike. The city is home to a variety of shopping centers and boutiques, offering a wide range of products and services. Whether you’re looking for fashion, electronics, or home decor, you’ll find plenty of options to suit your needs.

Suisun City is also known for its recreational facilities and sports complexes. Residents can enjoy a range of activities, from swimming and tennis to hiking and biking. The city boasts well-maintained parks and green spaces, providing the perfect setting for outdoor recreation. Additionally, Suisun City is located near the scenic Suisun Marsh, offering opportunities for bird watching and nature exploration.

Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals and Medical Centers in the Area

Hospital NameTypeContact
ABC HospitalGeneral123-456-7890
XYZ Medical CenterSpecialty987-654-3210

Specialty Clinics and Healthcare Services

  • Allergy and Asthma Center: Providing specialized care for allergies and asthma management.
  • Orthopedic Clinic: Offering expert orthopedic services including joint replacements and fracture care.
  • Women’s Health Center: Catering to the unique healthcare needs of women, offering OBGYN services and more.
  • Mental Health Services: Dedicated to providing comprehensive mental health support and counseling.

Overview Of The Education System

Suisun City, located in California, boasts a robust education system, offering a plethora of options for students across all grade levels. The city takes pride in the development of its elementary, middle, and high schools, which prioritize providing a quality education and fostering academic excellence.

Elementary schools in Suisun City focus on equipping young learners with a strong foundation in core subjects such as mathematics, English, and science. With dedicated teachers and advanced resources, students receive comprehensive guidance and support at this crucial stage of education.

Middle schools in the area continue building on this foundation, offering a broader curriculum that includes subjects like social studies, foreign languages, and physical education. Alongside a focus on academic achievement, these schools also emphasize personal growth, character development, and extracurricular activities.

High schools in Suisun City provide students with a diverse range of courses, allowing them to explore various disciplines and prepare for future academic and career pursuits. With a commitment to academic rigor, these schools aim to cultivate well-rounded individuals equipped with critical thinking, problem-solving, and leadership skills.

In summary, Suisun City’s education system offers remarkable opportunities for students to receive a quality education at each stage of their academic journey. Through its focus on academic excellence and holistic development, the city ensures that students are well-prepared to succeed in their future endeavors.

Noteworthy Schools And Programs

Zip Code for Suisun City Ca

Zip Code for Suisun City Ca

Suisun City, located in Solano County, California, offers a variety of standout schools and specialized programs for its residents to choose from.

One notable institution is **[School Name]**, renowned for its **[Program Name]**. This program provides students with a unique learning experience that prepares them for future success in their chosen field.

Another excellent school is **[School Name]**, which offers an exceptional **[Program Name]**. This program equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their desired careers.

Suisun City also boasts **[School Name]**, known for its outstanding **[Program Name]**. This program goes above and beyond to provide students with practical training and real-world experiences.

Residents of Suisun City have access to these noteworthy schools and programs, enhancing the educational opportunities available in the area. Whether pursuing academic excellence or specialized training, Suisun City caters to a diverse range of educational needs.

Higher Education Opportunities

Suisun City, located in California, offers a variety of higher education opportunities for residents and students in the surrounding area. Community colleges and universities nearby provide options for individuals seeking to further their education. Solano Community College, situated just a short distance away, offers a range of associate degree programs and transfer opportunities to four-year institutions. The university options in close proximity include California State University, Sacramento, which offers a diverse selection of undergraduate and graduate programs. Additionally, the University of California, Davis, known for its outstanding research and academic excellence, is also within reach. These institutions provide a wide range of educational pathways and resources, allowing individuals to explore their interests and pursue meaningful careers in various fields. Whether one is looking to gain practical skills or to pursue advanced degrees, the higher education options near Suisun City cater to a diverse range of educational aspirations.

Major Industries In Suisun City

Zip Code for Suisun City CA

Major Industries in Suisun City

Suisun City, located in Solano County, California, is home to a diverse range of major industries. The city’s economy thrives on sectors such as **manufacturing**, **retail trade**, **healthcare**, and **professional services**.

The **manufacturing sector** plays a vital role in Suisun City’s economic growth. The city is home to several manufacturing companies focusing on **electronics**, **transportation equipment**, and **food processing**. These industries provide employment opportunities for the local workforce and contribute significantly to the city’s revenue.

In addition to manufacturing, Suisun City boasts a robust **retail trade industry**. The city features various shopping centers and outlets, attracting a broad consumer base. The retail sector encompasses a wide range of businesses, including **restaurants**, **specialty stores**, and **malls**, offering products and services to residents and visitors alike.

Furthermore, Suisun City has a thriving **healthcare industry** that serves the needs of the community. The city is home to several medical facilities, including hospitals, clinics, and specialized healthcare centers. These establishments offer essential medical services, ensuring the well-being of the city’s residents.

Lastly, the city benefits from a strong **professional services sector**. This industry encompasses various businesses, such as **finance**, **insurance**, **real estate**, and **legal services**. These professional service providers support the local economy by offering their expertise to individuals and businesses in Suisun City.

Top Employers

There are several top employers in Suisun City, CA. These companies and organizations play a vital role in the local economy and contribute to the growth and development of the area. Some of the leading employers in Suisun City include:

  • Travis Air Force Base: Located nearby, Travis Air Force Base is one of the largest employers in the region, providing a significant number of jobs in various fields.
  • Suisun City Unified School District: The school district employs a considerable workforce, including teachers, staff, and administrators.
  • Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District: Another prominent educational institution in the area, the district employs a large number of educators and staff members.
  • Sutter Regional Medical Foundation: This healthcare organization offers employment opportunities for medical professionals, support staff, and administrative personnel.
  • City of Suisun: The local government employs individuals in various departments, such as public administration, public works, and law enforcement.

These are just a few examples of the leading employers in Suisun City, CA. Their presence not only provides job opportunities to the community but also contributes to the overall economic stability and prosperity of the area.

Small Business And Entrepreneurship

Suisun City, CA offers a supportive business environment for small businesses and entrepreneurs. With a thriving entrepreneurial spirit, the city provides numerous resources to help businesses succeed. Entrepreneurs can access a range of support services, including business planning assistance, access to funding opportunities, mentorship programs, and networking events. Additionally, there are organizations and chambers of commerce dedicated to supporting and promoting local businesses. The city also boasts a diverse range of industries and sectors, creating opportunities for collaboration and growth. Furthermore, Suisun City’s strategic location and infrastructure contribute to its appeal as a business-friendly destination. Its proximity to major transportation hubs and markets facilitates logistics and distribution. Moreover, Suisun City’s business-friendly policies, such as streamlined permitting processes and economic incentives, make it an attractive place for businesses to establish and grow. In conclusion, Suisun City, CA fosters a supportive ecosystem for small businesses and entrepreneurs, offering invaluable resources and a conducive environment for success.

Public Transportation

Public Transportation:
Bus lines and train stations
Suisun City, CA, offers convenient public transportation options for residents and visitors. The city has several bus lines that connect various neighborhoods and nearby cities. Buses provide a reliable way to travel within Suisun City and surrounding areas. Additionally, commuters can take advantage of the nearby train stations, which offer a faster and more efficient mode of transportation. With these commuter options, residents can easily travel to nearby cities for work or leisure activities. Whether you prefer the bus or train, public transportation in Suisun City ensures convenient and accessible travel for all.

Road Infrastructure

Zip code 94585 is designated for Suisun City, California. This charming city is known for its well-maintained road infrastructure. The city benefits from its convenient location, as it is connected to major highways and transportation routes. Interstate 80 and Highway 12 are the main highways that pass through Suisun City, providing easy access to nearby cities and towns. These well-paved roads ensure smooth travel for both residents and visitors.

Suisun City’s road network also creates favorable traffic conditions. Commuting to neighboring areas is made hassle-free due to the efficient transportation system. Residents can easily travel to cities like Fairfield, Concord, and Sacramento without enduring heavy traffic congestion.

Overall, Suisun City’s road infrastructure contributes to the seamless movement of people and goods, enhancing the quality of life for its residents. The well-connected highways and smooth traffic conditions make it a desirable place to live or visit.

Air Travel

The Zip Code for Suisun City CA is 94585.

When planning air travel to Suisun City, it’s important to consider the nearby airports and connections:

Sacramento International Airport (SMF)Approximately 49 milesOffers domestic and international flights with various airlines.
San Francisco International Airport (SFO)Approximately 47 milesProvides domestic and international flights, serving as a major hub.
Oakland International Airport (OAK)Approximately 49 milesOffers a range of domestic and international flights with multiple airlines.

With these airports within reasonable distance, travelers have several options to consider when flying to Suisun City. Whether it’s for business or leisure, convenient air travel is readily available for a smooth journey.

Annual Festivals And Events

Zip Code for Suisun City, CA: 94585

Notable Celebrations and Gatherings:

Suisun City, California, is renowned for its vibrant community and exciting annual festivals. Embracing diversity and culture, these events bring people together for an unforgettable experience. The Fairfield Tomato Festival is a beloved celebration where locals and visitors can indulge in mouthwatering tomato-inspired dishes, live entertainment, and activities for all ages. The Suisun City Waterfront Jazz & Art Festival serves up a delightful combination of soulful jazz melodies and captivating artwork. For those seeking a unique experience, the Suisun City Kite Festival offers the perfect opportunity to witness an array of colorful kites soaring through the sky, creating a spectacle that truly mesmerizes. Residents and tourists alike eagerly anticipate these annual festivals, making Suisun City a must-visit destination.

Sports And Recreation

When it comes to sports and recreation in Suisun City, CA, there are plenty of options to keep residents and visitors active and entertained. This city is home to a variety of local sports teams participating in different leagues and tournaments throughout the year, offering opportunities for both young and adult athletes to showcase their skills.

For those looking to enjoy outdoor activities, Suisun City boasts an array of athletic facilities that cater to various sports and recreational pursuits. These facilities include well-maintained parks with soccer fields, baseball diamonds, basketball courts, and tennis courts. Families can also relish walking, jogging, or cycling along the city’s scenic trails, providing a perfect setting to embrace nature while staying active.

Suisun City Sports ComplexMain StreetSoccer fields, baseball diamonds, basketball courts
Lawler Ranch ParkSunset AvenueTennis courts, bike trails, walking paths
Hall ParkHall LaneBaseball diamond, soccer field, playground

In addition to the local sports teams and athletic facilities, Suisun City also hosts various sports events, including tournaments and races, which attract participants from neighboring areas. These events not only foster community spirit but also promote physical fitness and well-being among participants.

So whether you’re a sports enthusiast, seeking recreational activities, or looking to support local teams, Suisun City, CA, offers a range of sports and recreation options for everyone to enjoy.

Parks And Outdoor Activities

Suisun City, CA, is known for its beautiful parks and outdoor spaces. Visitors and residents alike can enjoy a range of recreational activities surrounded by nature. One popular park is the Suisun City Wildlife Center, where you can spot various wildlife species and learn about local conservation efforts. For those seeking a more active experience, Lawler Ranch Park offers expansive green areas for picnicking, sports fields for playing, and walking trails for leisurely strolls. Another notable outdoor space is the Rush Ranch Open Space, which provides spectacular views of the Suisun Marsh and opportunities for birdwatching. Additionally, the Suisun Marina is a great spot for boating and fishing enthusiasts. With its diverse range of parks and outdoor activities, Suisun City is a haven for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike.

Frequently Asked Questions For Zip Code For Suisun City Ca

Is 90210 A Real Zip Code?

Yes, 90210 is a real ZIP Code in Beverly Hills, California.

Is Suisun City A Part Of Fairfield?

Yes, Suisun City is a part of Fairfield.

Is Suisun City A Nice Place To Live?

Suisun City is a great place to live with its scenic beauty and friendly community.

Is A Zip Code The Same As A Postcode?

A ZIP Code and a postcode are the same thing. They are used to identify specific geographic areas for mail delivery.


To find the zip code for Suisun City, CA, it is important to understand the significance of this information. With a zip code, not only can you accurately pinpoint the location, but it also enables efficient mail delivery and helps businesses serve their customers better.

Suisun City’s zip code, 94585, identifies it as part of Solano County, California. This charming city offers a welcoming community and a host of amenities for its residents and visitors alike. From its picturesque waterfront to its historic downtown district, Suisun City has much to offer.

Whether you are a local or planning to visit, having the correct zip code handy ensures smooth navigation and stress-free interactions with postal services and online platforms. Remember to always use the correct zip code when corresponding with Suisun City, CA, to ensure seamless communication and reliable deliveries.

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