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Old Fort, NC has a Zip Code of 28762. Nestled in North Carolina’s McDowell County, Old Fort is a charming town with a rich history and breathtaking natural beauty.

Situated near the Blue Ridge Mountains, this quaint community offers a peaceful escape for outdoor enthusiasts and history buffs alike. From exploring the Historic Old Fort Train Depot to hiking along the picturesque Catawba Falls, there are endless opportunities to immerse yourself in the area’s unique attractions.

With its small-town charm and convenient location, Old Fort is a hidden gem worth discovering.

Exploring The Unique Digits And Their Significance

The zip code for Old Fort NC is 28762. Each digit in a zip code has its own representation and significance.

**First digit representation:** The first digit in a zip code represents a specific group of states in the United States. For example, zip codes starting with 0 or 1 are assigned to the New England states.

**Second digit representation:** The second digit narrows down the region within the state. For Old Fort, NC, the second digit is 8, indicating it falls within the western region of North Carolina.

**Third digit representation:** The third digit provides more precise location information. In this case, the third digit is 7, specifying that Old Fort is in McDowell County.

**Fourth and fifth digit representation:** The fourth and fifth digits in a zip code refer to a more specific area within the location, such as neighborhoods or towns.

How Zip Code 28762 Benefits Old Fort Residents

Zip code 28762 brings several benefits to the residents of Old Fort, NC. One of the key advantages is the quick and accurate mail delivery it ensures. With this zip code, residents can expect their mail to reach them in a timely manner, saving them from delays and missed deliveries. The efficiency of the tracking and sorting systems associated with this zip code is another advantage. These systems streamline the delivery process, ensuring that mail is organized and dispatched efficiently, reducing the chances of misplacements or errors.

Local Post Offices In Old Fort

The zip code for Old Fort, NC is 28762. The town has several local post offices that serve its residents. These post offices are strategically located for easy access and convenience.

The main post office in Old Fort is located at 40 W Main St. It provides a range of postal services, including mailing and shipping, PO boxes, and retail services. Another post office, known as the Old Fort Station, is situated at 20 Catawba River Rd. This location offers similar services as the main post office.

In addition to these post offices, there is a third facility called the Old Fort Carrier Annex. This annex is located at 1434 Mill Creek Rd and primarily handles mail sorting and distribution for the area.

These local post offices in Old Fort ensure that residents can access postal services conveniently and efficiently, meeting their mailing and shipping needs.

Exploring Nearby Cities And Towns

Exploring nearby cities and towns in the vicinity of Old Fort, NC can be an exciting and enriching experience. Some of the towns worth visiting include Marion, Asheville, and Black Mountain.

Marion, located about 12 miles northeast of Old Fort, offers a quaint small-town charm with its historic Main Street and friendly atmosphere. Visitors can enjoy a stroll through downtown, visit local shops and restaurants, or explore the beautiful Lake James State Park nearby.

Asheville, approximately 22 miles west of Old Fort, is renowned for its vibrant arts scene, eclectic shops, and bustling breweries. The city boasts a unique blend of cosmopolitan attractions and natural beauty, with attractions like the Biltmore Estate, the Blue Ridge Parkway, and numerous hiking trails.

Black Mountain, nestled in the Swannanoa Valley, is situated only about 16 miles northwest of Old Fort. It offers a charming downtown area filled with local galleries, boutiques, and eateries. The town is surrounded by the picturesque Black Mountain Range, providing ample opportunities for outdoor activities like hiking and camping.

Key Destinations Covered By Zip Code 28762

Zip code 28762 covers several key destinations in Old Fort, NC. One of the prominent attractions is the Pisgah National Forest. This sprawling forest offers visitors a chance to explore nature’s wonders with its diverse hiking trails, scenic picnic spots, and breathtaking waterfalls. One such waterfall is Catawba Falls, known for its cascading beauty and soothing sounds. Adventure enthusiasts can also hike the Point Lookout Trail, which offers stunning panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. With its abundance of natural beauty, Zip code 28762 in Old Fort, NC, provides an excellent opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the wonders of nature.

Recognizing Interesting Aspects Of The Area

Old Fort, NC is a place rich in history and interesting aspects. The area is home to several historical landmarks, each with its own unique story. These landmarks serve as a reminder of the town’s past and the events that shaped it. From the landmark Point Lookout Greenway to the renowned Andrews Geyser, visitors have the opportunity to explore and learn about the town’s historical heritage.

In addition to its historical landmarks, Old Fort has also been home to notable residents who have made their mark in various fields. From artists and writers to musicians and entrepreneurs, the town has produced individuals who have contributed to their respective industries. These residents have not only added to the charm of Old Fort, but their achievements have also put the town on the map.

Helpful Tips For Locals And Visitors

Planning a visit to Old Fort, NC and wondering about the best time to go? Well, you’re in luck! This charming town offers something for everyone, no matter the season. Whether you’re a local looking for weekend activities or a visitor wanting to experience the local culture, Old Fort has you covered.

Best time to visit

Old Fort experiences pleasant weather throughout the year, but the spring and fall seasons are particularly delightful, with mild temperatures and beautiful foliage. The summer months are perfect for outdoor adventures, such as hiking and camping, while the winter season is ideal for those who enjoy cozy indoor activities, like exploring museums and historic sites.

Local events and festivals

Old Fort is known for its vibrant community and exciting events. Some of the must-attend local gatherings include the annual Mountain Gateway Museum Heritage Day and the Swannanoa Valley Museum & History Center’s Historic Old Fort 5K. These events showcase the town’s rich history, traditions, and local talent.

Must-visit attractions and activities

When in Old Fort, you shouldn’t miss the chance to visit iconic attractions like the Arrowhead Monument and the Davidson’s Fort Historic Park. Nature enthusiasts will be thrilled to explore the Blue Ridge Parkway and Pisgah National Forest. For adventure seekers, activities like rafting on the Catawba River and hiking through the Curtis Creek Recreational Area are highly recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions On Zip Code For Old Fort Nc

Is There An Old Fort In Old Fort North Carolina?

Yes, there is an Old Fort in Old Fort, North Carolina.

What Is Spring Lake Zip Code?

The zip code for Spring Lake is 28390.

What Zip Code Is 28307?

The zip code 28307 is associated with Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

What Is The Zip Code For Marston Nc?

The zip code for Marston NC is 28363.


Knowing the zip code for Old Fort, NC is crucial for various reasons. Firstly, it ensures efficient mail delivery, allowing residents to receive their packages and important correspondence promptly. Secondly, it aids in effective emergency response by allowing emergency services to quickly locate an address.

Additionally, the zip code provides demographic information that helps businesses understand their target audience and tailor their marketing strategies accordingly. It also simplifies the process of finding local services and amenities for residents and visitors alike. With the right zip code, you can easily locate nearby businesses, schools, hospitals, and more.

Overall, being aware of the zip code for Old Fort, NC is essential for the smooth functioning of daily life in the area. So, make sure to include it in your address and make the most of the convenience it offers.

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