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Zip Code for O Fallon Il

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The zip code for O Fallon, IL is 62269. O Fallon, IL, located in St. Clair County, has a distinct zip code of 62269.

This vibrant city offers a mix of suburban charm and modern amenities, making it an ideal place to live, work, and play. From its well-preserved historic downtown to its thriving business district, O Fallon, IL provides a range of opportunities for residents and visitors alike.

Whether you’re exploring the local parks and trails, enjoying the diverse dining options, or attending community events, O Fallon, IL offers a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere. With its convenient location near major highways, residents can easily access nearby cities and attractions, adding to the appeal of this Midwestern gem.

Importance Of Zip Code In O Fallon Il

Zip codes play an important role in addressing in O Fallon, IL. They are vital in ensuring accurate and efficient delivery of mail and packages. Moreover, zip codes have a direct impact on local services, such as emergency response, school zoning, and utility services. By knowing the O Fallon IL zip code, residents can take advantage of the benefits it brings. For instance, it enables them to easily locate nearby amenities, schools, and healthcare facilities. Zip codes also facilitate accessing local government services, including voting registration and tax information. Being aware of the correct zip code ensures accurate online shopping and package deliveries. Overall, understanding the significance of zip codes in O Fallon, IL is essential for smooth and organized daily living.

Different Ways To Find O Fallon Il Zip Code

Different Ways to Find O Fallon Il Zip Code
Online Zip Code Lookup Tools
Utilizing Official Postal Service Websites
Local Government Resources for Zip Code Search

When it comes to finding the zip code for O Fallon IL, there are various options available. One way is to use online zip code lookup tools, which can provide quick access to the information you need. These tools are user-friendly and can easily generate zip codes based on your search criteria. Another method is to utilize the official postal service websites. These websites offer reliable and up-to-date zip code data for areas across the country, including O Fallon IL. Alternatively, you can turn to local government resources for zip code searches. Local government websites often have resources or directories that allow you to search for specific zip codes within their jurisdiction. By using these methods, you can quickly find the zip code you need for O Fallon IL.

Zip Code Districts In O Fallon Il

Zip Code Districts in O Fallon Il

Overview of Zip Codes and Their Districts

O Fallon, Illinois is served by multiple zip codes, each representing different districts within the city. These zip codes include:

  • Zip Code 62269: This zip code is primarily located in St. Clair County and covers areas in the central part of O Fallon. It encompasses various neighborhoods and offers a mix of residential, commercial, and industrial zones.
  • Zip Code 62258: Situated in St. Clair County, this zip code covers the eastern region of O Fallon. It encompasses residential areas as well as a range of local amenities, including schools and parks.
  • Zip Code 62232: This zip code mainly covers the western part of O Fallon. It includes diverse neighborhoods and provides accessibility to shopping centers, dining options, and recreational facilities.

Each zip code district in O Fallon Il has its own unique features and characteristics, catering to the needs and preferences of residents and visitors. These zip codes play a significant role in organizing the city and facilitating efficient mail delivery and geographic zoning.

Demographic Analysis Of O Fallon Il Zip Codes

Zip code plays a crucial role in understanding the demographic characteristics of a particular area, such as O Fallon Il. By conducting a demographic analysis of O Fallon Il zip codes, we can gain valuable insights into the population distribution and socioeconomic variations across different zip code districts.

One of the key factors to consider is the population distribution within each zip code. Understanding the density and composition of the population can provide a deeper understanding of the community. **Each zip code** distinctively represents a specific area, and **the population** within each code can vary significantly.

Moreover, analyzing the socioeconomic variations across zip code districts can reveal disparities in income levels, education, employment, and other economic indicators. This information can assist in identifying areas that may require targeted intervention or resources to address social and economic challenges. It is important to consider these variations to ensure equitable development and resource allocation across different zip codes.

To summarize, conducting a demographic analysis of O Fallon Il zip codes provides invaluable insights into population distribution and socioeconomic variations. Understanding these intricacies can aid in making data-driven decisions, policy formulation, and resource allocation to promote overall well-being and development in the region.

Amenities And Services Provided In Each Zip Code

When it comes to the zip codes in O’Fallon, IL, each one offers its own unique set of amenities and services. Let’s take a look at the accessibility to schools, hospitals, and utilities in each zip code:

Zip CodeSchoolsHospitalsUtilities
Zip Code 62269O’Fallon Community Consolidated School DistrictSt. Elizabeth’s HospitalElectricity, Water, Internet
Zip Code 62220Belleville Township High School DistrictMemorial HospitalElectricity, Water, Internet
Zip Code 62221O’Fallon Township High School DistrictSt. Elizabeth’s HospitalElectricity, Water, Internet

In terms of recreational facilities, each zip code in O’Fallon, IL offers a range of options for residents. From parks and playgrounds to community centers and sports fields, there are plenty of opportunities for leisure activities. Whether you’re looking to play sports, enjoy nature, or simply relax outdoors, O’Fallon has something to offer in every zip code.

Frequently Asked Questions On Zip Code For O Fallon Il

What Is The Zip Code For O Fallon Il?

The ZIP code for O Fallon, IL is 62269.

What City Is 62269?

62269 is the postal code for O’Fallon, a city in St. Clair County, Illinois.

What County Is 62269 In?

62269 is in St. Clair County.

Is O Fallon Il A Suburb Of St Louis?

Yes, O Fallon IL is a suburb of St Louis.


In this blog post, we explored the zip code for O Fallon, IL and discovered its significance in the world of postal services and geographical identification. With its designated zip code of 62269, O Fallon, IL stands out as a unique location, offering its residents and businesses a streamlined mailing experience.

The accurate and efficient use of zip codes ensures that mail is delivered promptly and to the correct destination. Whether you’re sending a package to a loved one or receiving an important document, knowing the correct zip code is essential.

By understanding the zip code for O Fallon, IL, you can ensure that your mail arrives safely and on time. Remember, the zip code is not just a random number; it represents a specific area, providing convenience and accuracy in our fast-paced world.

So, next time you’re sending mail to O Fallon, IL, don’t forget to include the zip code – 62269!

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