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Zip Code for Granite City Illinois

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The zip code for Granite City, Illinois is 62040. Welcome to Granite City, Illinois!

Located in Madison County, this vibrant city is home to a diverse community and offers a range of amenities for residents and visitors alike. With its central location near St. Louis, Granite City provides easy access to major highways and is just a short drive away from the bustling city life.

From its rich history in steel manufacturing to its beautiful parks and recreational facilities, this city has something for everyone. Whether you’re exploring the charming downtown area, enjoying outdoor activities, or discovering the local shops and restaurants, Granite City has a unique charm that captures the hearts of its residents. So come and experience all that Granite City has to offer – you won’t be disappointed!

Granite City Illinois: A Brief Overview

Granite City Illinois: A Brief Overview

Granite City, Illinois is a city situated in Madison County. It has a population of around 30,000, making it the 56th largest city in the state. The city is located in the southwestern part of the state, just a few miles north of St. Louis, Missouri.

Granite City has a rich history, which dates back to the early 19th century. It was founded in 1896 as a planned industrial city and quickly became a hub for manufacturing and steel production. Over the years, the city has seen both prosperity and challenges, but it continues to thrive as an important industrial center.

Today, Granite City offers a range of amenities and attractions for residents and visitors alike. The city is home to several parks, recreational facilities, and cultural sites, providing opportunities for outdoor activities and community events.

Overall, Granite City, Illinois is a vibrant city with a rich history and a strong sense of community. It’s an excellent place to live, work, and explore.

Zip Code: A Crucial Identifier

Zip Code for Granite City Illinois

The importance of zip codes cannot be overstated. These numerical codes serve as crucial identifiers for various purposes, from mail delivery to geographic location tracking. For Granite City Illinois, zip codes play a vital role in ensuring efficient mail sorting and delivery services to its residents. Additionally, businesses rely on zip codes to target specific areas for marketing campaigns and demographic analysis.In addition to their practical use, zip codes hold significance for Granite City Illinois in terms of community identity. They help establish shared identities and facilitate a sense of belonging among residents. This shared identifier enables efficient communication and coordination within the community, fostering a stronger sense of unity and local pride.Here are the zip codes associated with Granite City Illinois:

Zip Code

Whether it’s for mailing letters, receiving packages, or demographic analysis, zip codes play a crucial role in Granite City Illinois. They not only ensure smooth mail delivery but also contribute to the overall sense of community. By understanding the significance of zip codes, residents and businesses in Granite City Illinois can fully utilize this essential identifier for various purposes.

Understanding The Zip Code System

Zip Code for Granite City Illinois

Zip Code for Granite City Illinois

Structure and format of zip codes

The zip code system in the United States is a numerical coding system used by the United States Postal Service (USPS) to streamline and facilitate mail sorting and delivery. Zip codes are composed of five digits, with the option of an additional four digits for more precise address targeting. These numbers help identify specific geographic locations and efficiently route mail to the correct destinations.

How zip codes are assigned

Zip codes are assigned based on geographic areas, such as cities, towns, and neighborhoods. The process involves analyzing census data, population density, and existing mailing routes. The goal is to create a logical and organized system that optimizes postal operations. Zip codes are periodically reevaluated and updated to accommodate changes in population and geographic boundaries.

How they help in postal delivery

The use of zip codes significantly improves postal delivery efficiency. Postal workers and automated sorting machines can quickly identify and sort mail based on the zip code, ensuring faster processing and accurate delivery. Additionally, the USPS provides online tools and resources that allow individuals and businesses to verify the correct zip codes for their addresses, reducing the chance of mail getting misrouted or delayed.

Zip Code And Household Demographics

The zip code for Granite City, Illinois covers various residential areas and has a diverse population. In terms of household demographics, the profile of the residents is varied and represents a blend of different age groups and backgrounds. Housing types and availability in the area include a range of options to suit different preferences and budgets. Whether you are looking for single-family homes, apartments, or townhouses, there are choices available to meet various housing needs. As Granite City is a vibrant community with a mix of residential areas, the zip code encompasses a range of neighborhoods with a diverse population.

Amenities And Services In The Zip Code Area

Amenities and services in the Zip Code area of Granite City, Illinois are plentiful, making it a convenient and enjoyable place to live. The educational institutions in this area provide a range of options for residents. There are several schools, including elementary, middle, and high schools, ensuring that children receive quality education close to home. In terms of healthcare facilities, residents of Granite City have access to various hospitals, clinics, and medical centers in the Zip Code area. This ensures that healthcare services are easily accessible and convenient for residents. Shopping centers and malls are also abundant, allowing residents to indulge in retail therapy and find all their necessities in one place. Moreover, Granite City offers a diverse range of restaurants and entertainment options, catering to different tastes and preferences.

Economic Landscape Of The Zip Code Area

Economic Landscape of the Zip Code Area

Granite City, Illinois, is home to a vibrant economic landscape, offering a range of opportunities for its residents. Major industries in the zip code area include manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, and education. Notably, manufacturing has a strong presence, with several large employers contributing to the local job market. These employers include steel mills, chemical plants, and automotive manufacturers. The availability of such diverse industries creates a multitude of job opportunities for individuals seeking employment in the zip code area.

The average income levels in Granite City vary across these industries and reflect the skills and experience required. While manufacturing jobs offer competitive wages, the healthcare and education sectors also provide well-paying opportunities. It’s important to note that these income levels enable residents to enjoy a comfortable standard of living in the Granite City zip code area.

Local Attractions And Landmarks

Local Attractions and Landmarks in Granite City, Illinois offer a variety of appealing leisure options for residents and visitors alike. Explore the natural beauty of the town by visiting its numerous parks and recreational areas. These green spaces provide ample opportunities for outdoor activities such as picnicking, hiking, and biking. Discover the region’s rich history by visiting its historical sites and landmarks, which offer glimpses into Granite City’s past. The town also hosts cultural events and festivals, celebrating its diverse heritage and bringing the community together. Participate in these vibrant gatherings to immerse yourself in the local culture and create lasting memories. Whether you are a nature lover, history enthusiast, or cultural explorer, Granite City has something to offer everyone seeking a delightful time.

Transportation And Connectivity

Granite City, Illinois is a vibrant city with excellent transportation and connectivity options. The city is well-connected to major roadways and highways, making it easily accessible for residents and visitors alike. With its strategic location, Granite City benefits from its proximity to several important highways, including Interstate 270 and Interstate 70, allowing for convenient travel to nearby cities and states.

In terms of public transportation, Granite City offers several options for residents to travel within the city and beyond. The city is served by the Madison County Transit (MCT) bus system, which provides reliable and affordable transportation services. This allows residents to commute to work, school, and other essential destinations without the need for a personal vehicle.

Furthermore, Granite City is conveniently located near major airports, including Lambert-St. Louis International Airport. This airport provides a wide range of domestic and international flights, connecting the city to various destinations around the world. With its proximity to airports, Granite City offers convenient travel options for both business and leisure travelers.

Zip Code And Surrounding Neighborhoods

Zip Code for Granite City Illinois
Zip Code and Surrounding Neighborhoods
Nearby cities and towns

Granite City, Illinois, is a vibrant city with diverse zip codes and surrounding neighborhoods. Understanding the zip codes and nearby cities and towns can be helpful for residents and visitors alike.

The zip codes in Granite City include 62040 and 62060. These zip codes cover different areas within the city, each with its own unique characteristics. While 62040 is primarily in the eastern part of Granite City, 62060 encompasses the western portion.

Nearby cities and towns also play a role in the community. Cities like Edwardsville, Collinsville, and Alton are in close proximity and offer their own distinct amenities and attractions. These neighboring areas enhance the overall appeal of living in Granite City.

Despite the differences in zip codes and neighboring cities, Granite City and its surrounding areas share many similarities. Residents of all zip codes can enjoy shared amenities such as parks, recreational facilities, schools, and shopping centers. These resources are essential for the well-being and convenience of the community as a whole.

Exploring Granite City and its zip codes reveals a dynamic city with diverse neighborhoods and a variety of neighboring communities. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, understanding the zip codes and nearby cities can help you navigate and fully embrace all that Granite City has to offer.

Living In Granite City Illinois: A Resident’S Perspective

Granite City, Illinois, is a vibrant community that offers a high quality of life for its residents. The zip code area provides a range of amenities and opportunities for both individuals and families. The community engagement in Granite City is exceptional, with numerous local organizations and events that foster a strong sense of belonging. Residents have the opportunity to participate in various community activities and contribute to the overall development of the area. As with any location, there are pros and cons to consider. The zip code area in Granite City offers a convenient location with access to essential services and a range of local businesses. However, there may be specific challenges such as traffic congestion during peak hours. It is important for prospective residents to weigh these factors before deciding to make Granite City their home.

Access to essential servicesTraffic congestion during peak hours
Range of local businesses

Frequently Asked Questions For Zip Code For Granite City Illinois

What Is The Zip Code For Granite City Il?

The ZIP Code for Granite City, IL is 62040.

What Is Granite City Famous For?

Granite City is famous for its rich history, vibrant culture, outdoor recreation opportunities, and stunning granite architecture.

What County Is Granite City Illinois In?

Granite City, Illinois is located in Madison County.

What City Is Called The Granite City?

The Granite City is known as Aberdeen.


Knowing the zip code for Granite City, Illinois can be extremely useful for various reasons. Whether you are a resident in need of mailing services or a business looking to expand your customer base, having the correct zip code ensures that your mail reaches its intended destination efficiently.

Additionally, understanding the zip code can help you navigate the city more effectively, whether you are trying to find a specific address or plan your route. Furthermore, being aware of the zip code can also be beneficial for those considering relocating to Granite City, as it provides insight into the city’s geographical boundaries and can aid in researching nearby amenities and services.

Overall, the zip code for Granite City, Illinois is a valuable piece of information that can enhance your overall experience in this vibrant city.

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