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Lalbagh Fort – Tourist Place in Dhaka

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Lalbagh Fort, also known as Lalbagh Kella is one of the most attractive tourist places in Dhaka city. Lalbagh Fort is located in Lalbagh of Old Dhaka. Visitors from all over the country and foreign visitors daily visit this place. Often a crowd is seen at afternoon around the area of Lalbagh Fort.


Lalbagh Fort is an incomplete infrastructure constructed during the Mughal Empire. In 1677, Prince Muhammad Azam commissioned the construction of Lalbagh Fort. The project was not completed because Prince Muhammad Azam left Dhaka with his father emperor Aurangzeb, in Delhi.
The construction project was then handed over to Shaista Khan. He also couldn’t complete the project because his daughter Pari Bibi died in the year 1684.
The Fort is now open for visitors all over the world. The Mughal infrastructure is very amusing. People visit this place and enjoy a glimpse of the Mughal Empire.

How to go to Lalbagh Kella

Local Transportation

You can visit Lalbagh Kella from anywhere of Dhaka. Take a local bus to Azimpur. From there you can take a small rickshaw ride straight to the gate of Lalbagh Kella. Any local rickshaw puller can take you to Lalbagh Kella from SadarGhat in about 10 minutes. Though the alleys of old Dhaka can be confusing. It is recommended to ask the rickshawpuller if he really knows the way before riding.

Private Transportation

You can visit Lalbagh Kella from anywhere of Dhaka with your private car or motor bike. If you are unfamiliar with the roads of Dhaka you are recommended to take a local guide with you, who knows all the alleys of Old Dhaka very well. You can also follow the direction provided in google maps. You can find google map at the end of this post.

Ride Sharing Services

You can visit Lalbagh Kella from anywhere of Dhaka with Ride Sharing services. You can hire a car or bike from the ride sharing platforms available in Dhaka. Your driver/Rider will take you to your desired tourist place, Lalbagh Kella with no time.
Available ride sharing services in Dhaka :

Visiting hours of Lalbagh Kella

Lalbagh Kella remains open Tuesday to Saturday full day and Monday on afternoon.

Summer Schedule

Tuesday – Saturday – 10:00 AM to 5:00PM
Friday – 10:00 AM to 12:30PM &m 3:00PM – 6:00PM
Monday – 1:00 AM to 5:00PM
Sunday – Closed

In holidays

Lalbagh Kella remains closed on the national holidays and Eid Days.

Entry Fees

Bangladeshi – 20BDT
Foreigners – 200 BDT
Foreigners from SAARC Countries – 100BDT

Lalbagh Fort on Google Maps

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