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Santa Rosa Beach Florida Zip Code

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The exact zip code for Santa Rosa Beach, Florida is 32459. Santa Rosa Beach is an unincorporated community in Walton County, Florida, part of the Fort Walton Beach-Crestview-Destin metropolitan area.

It is known for its beautiful beaches and proximity to popular tourist destinations like Destin, Seaside, and Rosemary Beach.

Understanding Santa Rosa Beach Florida

Understanding Santa Rosa Beach Florida
Description of Santa Rosa Beach’s location within Florida

Santa Rosa Beach is an unincorporated community located in Walton County, Florida. It is part of the Fort Walton Beach-Crestview-Destin, Florida Metropolitan Statistical Area. Situated in the northwest region of Florida, Santa Rosa Beach is known for its beautiful coastal location and pristine white sandy beaches. The area is bordered by the Gulf of Mexico to the south and is surrounded by the cities of Seaside, Grayton Beach, Seagrove Beach, and Point Washington. These neighboring cities and towns offer a unique blend of small-town charm and beachside living. In Santa Rosa Beach, visitors can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities such as swimming, fishing, and boating.

One of the highlights of Santa Rosa Beach is its picturesque landscapes, including the renowned Western Lake. The area also features charming beachside communities with distinctive architecture and a vibrant arts scene. Visitors can explore local art galleries, boutique shops, and indulge in delicious seafood from waterfront restaurants like the Chiringo Restaurant and The Red Bar. Accommodation options range from upscale resorts like the WaterColor Inn to cozy beachfront rentals in Redfish Village and the Dunes of Seagrove.

Exploring The Zip Code Of Santa Rosa Beach Florida

Zip codes play a crucial role in our everyday lives, helping to organize and streamline mail delivery. In the case of Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, the specific zip code is 32459. This particular code holds significance for both residents and businesses in the area. It serves as a unique identifier that allows efficient communication and distribution of postal items. Furthermore, nearby zip codes in the vicinity, such as those for Destin, Seaside, and Rosemary Beach, contribute to the convenience and accessibility of the region. Understanding and utilizing zip codes like 32459 enable smoother transactions and communication for individuals and enterprises in Santa Rosa Beach Florida.

Finding Santa Rosa Beach’S Zip Code

Overview of online resources to search for zip codes:

When looking for the zip code of Santa Rosa Beach, there are several reliable websites and directories that can assist you in your search. These online resources provide accurate and up-to-date information for finding the correct zip code. One such website is, which offers detailed zip code information for Santa Rosa Beach and other areas in Walton County, Florida. Another helpful website is, which provides zip code data for various locations in the United States, including Santa Rosa Beach. Additionally, and are valuable resources that offer accurate zip codes for Santa Rosa Beach. By following a simple step-by-step guide, you can easily perform a zip code search on these websites, ensuring that you have the correct information for your needs. In addition, there are a few tips and tricks that can help you in your quest to find zip codes. Taking advantage of these resources and using proven search techniques will ensure that you find the right zip code for Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.

Frequently Asked Questions On Santa Rosa Beach Florida Zip Code

What County Is Santa Rosa Beach Fl In?

Santa Rosa Beach FL is in Walton County, Florida.

What Is Zipcode For 30A Florida?

The zipcode for 30A Florida is 32459.

Is Santa Rosa Beach A City In Florida?

Yes, Santa Rosa Beach is an unincorporated community in Walton County, Florida, United States.

What Is The Area Code For Santa Rosa Beach Florida?

The area code for Santa Rosa Beach, Florida is 32459.


In Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, the zip code 32459 encompasses a charming community filled with natural beauty and coastal charm. Whether you’re planning a visit or looking to relocate, this area offers a variety of amenities and attractions to explore.

From pristine beaches and outdoor recreational activities to unique shops and delicious dining options, Santa Rosa Beach has something for everyone. The zip code 32459 includes popular neighborhoods like Seaside, Grayton Beach, and Seagrove Beach, each offering its own distinct character and atmosphere.

With a year-round mild climate and friendly community, Santa Rosa Beach is the perfect destination for those seeking a laid-back coastal lifestyle. So whether you’re a beach lover, outdoor enthusiast, or simply want to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, and its zip code 32459 are worth exploring.

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