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Fort Jackson South Carolina Zip Code

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The zip code for Fort Jackson, South Carolina is 29207. Located in Columbia, SC, Fort Jackson is a United States Army base that serves as a training center for new recruits.

With a rich history and a significant presence in the area, Fort Jackson plays a vital role in shaping the future soldiers of the U. S. Army. Aspiring soldiers from all over the country come to Fort Jackson for basic training, making it an essential hub for military operations.

Whether you’re a soldier stationed at Fort Jackson or someone looking to send mail or visit the base, knowing the zip code is essential for accurate mailing and navigation purposes.

Understanding Fort Jackson South Carolina Zip Code

Fort Jackson, an Army base located in South Carolina, has a zip code of 29207. This zip code is used for various purposes, including mail delivery and identifying the geographical location of the base. When it comes to the address for Fort Jackson, you can find detailed information on the MilitaryINSTALLATIONS website. The base directory also provides information and referral services for those seeking more specific details. Fort Jackson is primarily a training base for the U.S. Army, where individuals undergo basic training to become soldiers. As for the nearest city, Fort Jackson is located near Columbia, South Carolina. This proximity provides easy access to amenities and services for those stationed at the base. Overall, understanding Fort Jackson’s zip code, address, and nearby city is essential for any individual or organization needing to interact with the base.

Exploring Zip Codes In Fort Jackson, South Carolina

FORT JACKSON is a United States Army base located in Fort Jackson, South Carolina. The base is assigned the ZIP Code 29207. Other ZIP Codes associated with Fort Jackson include 29206, 29229, and 29044. These ZIP Codes cover a wide range of areas within Fort Jackson and its surrounding neighborhoods. In addition to being a military installation, Fort Jackson is also home to a number of housing options for military personnel and their families. The base offers various programs and services to its residents, including information and referral services, contact information, and phone numbers. Fort Jackson is located near the city of Columbia, South Carolina. Overall, Fort Jackson is an important military base in the United States, providing training and support to Army personnel.

Frequently Asked Questions On Fort Jackson South Carolina Zip Code

What Is The Address For Fort Jackson?

The address for Fort Jackson is **Fort Jackson, Columbia, SC 29207, United States**.

What Is The Zip Code For The Fort Jackson Army Base?

The zip code for the Fort Jackson Army Base in South Carolina is 29207.

Who Goes To Fort Jackson For Basic Training?

Fort Jackson is attended by individuals who are going through basic training.

What City Is Near Fort Jackson South Carolina?

The city near Fort Jackson, South Carolina is Columbia, SC.


There are several zip codes associated with Fort Jackson in South Carolina, including 29206, 29207, 29229, and 29044. Fort Jackson is a popular destination for individuals attending basic training in the U. S. Army. Situated near Columbia, SC, it offers a convenient location for those seeking military housing.

The base directory provides information and referral services for anyone looking for resources in the area. Fort Jackson is a significant military installation, and its zip codes play an essential role in ensuring efficient mail delivery and communication within the base.

Whether you’re a soldier stationed at Fort Jackson or a visitor, understanding the zip codes can make it easier to navigate the area and access the facilities and services available. Consider these zip codes as valuable information when it comes to any correspondence with Fort Jackson.

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